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illy capsules

illy capsules

Our illy Iperespresso Products

Authentic Italian coffee that is flawlessly consistent, smooth, balanced and never bitter. Enjoy the inviting aroma and full-bodied taste of illy anytime. The Illy iperEspresso capsule system lets you prepare extraordinary espresso and cappuccino at home or your coffee bar with ease.

Iperespresso Capsules
At Espresso International you can order the following illy capsule systems online:

iperEspresso capsules (MIE) are compatible with the Francis Francis X1 ANNIVERSARY, X1 IPSO, X7, x7.1 HOME, X8, Y1, Y3, and Y5 Illy Espresso machines.

illy iperEspresso capsules (HES) work exclusively with the Francis Francis X2, X2.1, and X7.1 PROFESSIONAL illy espresso machines.
Available in illy roasting N (Classico), S (Intenso) and coffee lungo (100% Arabica).
Explore the individual taste and distinct aroma of illy capsules.