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Jolly capsules

Jolly capsules

Jolly capsules

Our Jolly Nespresso® compatible capsules

The popular and often excellent Jolly Caffe from Florence shoudn't be missing in our Nespresso® capsule range. Jolly Coffee is one of the best manufacturers of espresso and is used by some of the oldest and most famous Italian cafes. The roasting mill Jolly is based in Tuscany in the village of Grassina near Florence. Dante Belardinelli has also earned the reputation of a premium rooster beyond the borders of Florence. It is called "Il Rey del Caffe". To this day they are roasting the perfect quality for a genuine "Espresso Italiano". Jolly Caffè is a state-of-the-art company, both for its own roasting plant technology and for the quality of the Bar blend that it produces. Jolly Caffè Capsules for Nespresso® are Blends consisting of mainly Central American origins, with a high percentage of selected Arabicas. Intense fragrance, with aromas reminiscent of cocoa, amaretto, spices. Moderate notes acidity. Order them today and try the firm and round body.

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  1. 10 Jolly Caffe Nespresso®* compatible capsules

    100% Arabic beans of selected varieties
    A blend of no less than 12 different types of coffee.
    10 coffee capsules of 5,5g each

    *The brand is neither the property of Jolly SRL nor of any associated companies 

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