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Julius-Meinl-LogoVienna has many traditions. The Meinl roasting company (since 1862) is most definitely one of them. The famous moor logo has been designating Meinl espresso and coffee of the highest quality. The main premise of Julius Meinl is to offer the best coffee blends and services on the market. "Julius Meinl is an inspiration to more than 5 million people every day and more than 2 billion people every year!"
Thanks to 150 years of experience, passion, expertise, and continuous development, Julius Meinl is able to offer its consumers the highest degree of quality.

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Meinl Coffee Espresso Viennese Style Reviews with
Meinl Coffee Espresso Viennese Style
1kg | Whole beans | 10.2024
(£18.26 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 1432

Degree of Roast: Light Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Nutty, Fruity
Article No. 1432
Julius Meinl Kaffee Crema Wiener Art Reviews with
Meinl Caffe Crema - Vienna Style
1kg | Whole beans | 03.2025
(£17.77 / 1 kg)

8-10 Workdays Extended delivery time
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Article No. 10029

Degree of Roast: Light Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Malty, Floral
Article No. 10029
Julius Meinl Trend Collection Intenso Reviews with
Julius Meinl Crema Intenso
1kg | 02.2025
(£16.15 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 1345

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Nutty
Article No. 1345
Julius Meinl Trend Collection Classico Reviews with
Julius Meinl Espresso Classico
1kg | Whole beans | 04.2024
(£17.77 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 1346

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Balanced
Article No. 1346
Julius Meinl Premium Collection Espresso Arabica Rainforest Alliance 500g Reviews with
Julius Meinl Espresso Arabica
500g | Whole beans | 04.2025
(£20.94 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 1885

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Balanced
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Fruity
Article No. 1885
Julius Meinl Vienna Collection Melange Reviews with
Julius Meinl Melange
1kg | Whole beans | 09.2025
(£14.52 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 10544

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Nutty, Fruity
Article No. 10544
Julius Meinl Nespresso Kapseln Delizioso BIO Fairtrade Reviews with
Julius Meinl BIO Fairtrade Nespresso®*-compatible...
10 pieces | Capsule | 07.2024

5-7 Workdays Article No. 10442

Degree of Roast: Light Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Nutty, Fruity
Article No. 10442
Meinl Espresso Crema Kapseln Reviews with
Meinl Crema Nespresso®* compatible capsules
10 pieces | Capsule | 09.2024
(£64.34 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 10009

Degree of Roast: Light Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Floral, Fruity
Article No. 10009
Julius Meinl Nespresso*-kompatible Kapseln Lungo Fairtrade Reviews with
Julius Meinl Fairtrade Nespresso®*-compatible Lungo capsules
10 pieces | Capsule | 08.2024

5-7 Workdays Article No. 10441

Degree of Roast: Light Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Fruity
Article No. 10441
Meinl Ristretto Intenso Kapseln Reviews with
Meinl Ristretto Nespresso®* compatible capsules
10 pieces | Capsule | 07.2024
(£64.34 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 10010

Degree of Roast: Light Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Fruity
Article No. 10010
Meinl Lungo Classico Kapseln Reviews with
Meinl Lungo Classico Nespresso®* compatible capsules
10 pieces | Capsule | 09.2024
(£64.34 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 10011

Degree of Roast: Light Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Nutty, Floral
Article No. 10011
Julius Meinl Melange Tasse by Matteo Thun Reviews with
Meinl Trend-Line Melange cup

5-7 Workdays Article No. 2360

Article No. 2360
Meinl Trend Milchkaffeetasse by Matteo Thun Reviews with
Meinl Trend Milk Coffee Cup

5-7 Workdays Article No. 2361

Article No. 2361
Meinl Trend Sahnekännchen Reviews with
Meinl Trend Liquid Cream Jug

5-7 Workdays Article No. 2330

Article No. 2330
Meinl Espresso Tasse weiß Reviews with
Meinl Espresso Cup white

5-7 Workdays Article No. 2322

Article No. 2322
Meinl Cappuccino Tasse weiß rotem Kopf Reviews with
Meinl Cappuccino cup white

5-7 Workdays Article No. 2323

Article No. 2323
Meinl Melange cup white Reviews with
Meinl Melange cup white

5-7 Workdays Article No. 2366

Article No. 2366
Meinl Latte cup white Reviews with
Meinl Latte cup white

5-7 Workdays Article No. 2367

Article No. 2367
Meinl Milchkännchen Classic Reviews with
Meinl latte can Classic

5-7 Workdays Article No. 2435

Article No. 2435
Julius Meinl Vienna Collection Espresso Reviews with
Julius Meinl Vienna
1kg | Whole beans | 09.2025
(£14.52 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 10549

Degree of Roast: Dark Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Nutty, Floral, Fruity
Article No. 10549
Julis Mein Trend Espressotasse by Matteo thun Reviews with
Meinl Trend Espresso cup

Unavailable Article No. 2334

Article No. 2334
Meinl Trend Cappuccinotasse by Matteo Thun Reviews with
Meinl Trend Cappuccino cup

Unavailable Article No. 2329

Article No. 2329

Julius Meinl - Coffee since 1862

Julius-Meinl-Kaffee-EspressoVienna has many traditions. Especially the culinary ones. The coffee roasting company Julius Meinl is closely connected to the Danube city - and has been since 1862.

Meinl Coffee - A Success Story

Today, Julius Meinl is an internationally successful Austrian family business and has been the symbol of Viennese coffee culture for over 150 years. For five generations, the traditional Viennese coffee roaster has focused on high quality, tailor-made customer service and innovative solutions for the catering industry.


Julius Meinl - A balancing act between coffee house and espresso bar

UNESCOJulius Meinl straddles the Italian espresso coffee tradition and the cult for elegant Viennese coffee and is represented in more than 70 countries with its fine and diversified coffee and tea blends. Born from a rare sensitivity, this quality coffee is inspired by the refinement and delicacy of the typical Viennese coffee shops, declared in 2011 by UNESCO as a cultural heritage, for the characteristics that distinguish them and for what they represent for cultural, artistic and social life.

The Moor of Meinl is the logo of this world-famous brand for its excellent coffee varieties, which are ideal for Viennese specialties such as a Melange (an espresso with equal amounts of hot milk and milk foam) or a Kleiner Brauner (espresso with extra cream). Julius Meinl offers a range of quality coffees, combined with careful selection and processing of raw materials, which in any case has nothing to envy to the tradition of Italian espresso.


At the same time, the way of drinking coffee was also shaped by the proximity to Italy. Espresso and cappuccino quickly gained in importance. Julius Meinl honored this with roasts in the Italian tradition. These are enthusiastically received and have become an integral part of the product range.

Julius Meinl - A pioneer when it comes to coffee - How it all began...

Sede-principale-Julius-MeinlIt all started with a unique idea by Julius Meinl. Before 1862, only green coffee beans were sold, which the Viennese toasted on their stoves. The improper processing of the delicate beans - at that time an expensive luxury good - often resulted in in inedible, burnt coffee. Meinl has therefore developed a new process for gently roasting green coffee. This enabled him to offer consistently high quality and to open his first store in Vienna.

It was during this period that the famous Moor logo was created, which was recently modernized by the star designer Matteo Thun. It is fascinating to see how the traditional brand has changed over the years and adapted to the taste of the times. Through all adversities and the two world wars, the family has managed to preserve this piece of Austrian cultural heritage. There are not many companies that after so many generations are still in the hands of the same family.

The Meinl Quality Standards - The theory of heat

Dalla-piantagione-alla-tazzaAccording to Meinl standards, the coffee bean should only come into contact with heat 3 times on the way from the plant to the cup.

  1. In the field
  2. During the roasting process 
  3. In the final preparation

This motto sums up the quality principle that distinguishes the company's supply chain.

The other most important points for highly refined coffees

  • Attention to the places of cultivation,
  • Direct contact with the farmers,
  • "eye" selection of ripe coffee cherries,
  • Slow and diversified roasting,
  • Packaging in protected atmospheres.

All under the constant control of coffee experts, who subject the precious beans to numerous tests at every stage of the production cycle.

Julius Meinl blends are top quality products for which the intensity of roasting is the master. Light roasted for filter coffee, medium for typical Viennese coffee or dark for espresso coffee.


Find the right Meinl coffee for everyone - A diverse range

julius-meinl-kapseln-espresso-cremaGrains, ESE pods and capsules. Julius Meinl offers a wide choice of coffees for every need and preference, but particularly satisfies the palates of those who prefer a good, freshly ground coffee. Each blend is carefully sealed in a bag with an elegant design that fully reflects the philosophy of the coffee it contains.

There are many varieties of coffee beans to choose from. The most popular is certainly the "Poesia" and "Expert Supreme" coffees.

"Poesia" is one of the most interesting. Born to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Julius Meinl, it is the result of countless successful attempts to obtain a perfectly balanced blend of Robusta and Arabica. Its mix of origins leaves a persistent taste rich in spicy nuances.

"Expert Supreme" is a dark and delicate coffee, it represents the ideal blend for every occasion in which coffee must be a sweet and enjoyable experience.

In addition to traditional Viennese roasts, it also celebrates the Italian espresso culture. Especially the Julius Meinl espresso bar line, designed for cafés and restaurants, is composed and roasted for the Italian palate. One example is the "Crema Espresso Italiano".


Then there is the line "The originals", with packs of coffee beans such as "Red Door Blend" that evoke the classic tastes of nineteenth-century coffee united by a more modern reinterpretation.

There is the "Wiener" liena, selected and packaged according to the preferred standards of coffee made according to Viennese recipes, such as "Crema Wiener Art".


There is the line "La Poetry Collection", which comes in small packages. All varieties are carefully selected and roasted in the Atelier of Meinl in Vienna. In their own way, they bear witness to the craftsmanship of master roasters and bring back home scenarios and mythical characters from history, such as "Meinl King Hadramaut". 


The great world of Julius Meinl

As we have seen, therefore, Julius Meinl is a fine coffee rich in nuances. Here we have just scratched the surface, the choice of blends and coffee beans is really wide. Meinl coffees are roasted in a particularly delicate and accurate way and are characterized by an incredible variety of flavors. Each blend, each selection of beans, although different, is united by the desire to serve quality coffee, inspired by the rich history of love, innovation and passion that distinguishes one of the most elegant, sophisticated and delicious coffees in Europe: Viennese coffee.

It is no coincidence that Julius Meinl coffee has been the ambassador of Viennese coffee culture since 1862.

Coffee connoisseurs appreciate Julius Meinl because the tradition of the legendary Viennese coffees lives on in the pleasure of every cup.

Author: Julius Meinl Coffee