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Organic sugar

Our organic sugar 

Do you value exquisite and high-quality espresso coffee? Do you like to drink your little black coffee with sugar? Then you should try the excellent varieties of whole sugar in organic quality. Incredible flavors round off the taste of your coffee or bring it to the fore. All "GEPA" products do not contain any additives. It is part of their philosophy not to manipulate nature. In order to be able to guarantee you consistently high quality, their production facilities are regularly inspected. The coconut blossom sugar, palm sugar, xylitol, chocolate and cocoa etc. are purely natural products that come from sustainable cultivation. Try them today and taste the wonderful organic sugar from GEPA.

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GEPA Mascobado Sticks unraffiniert 150g Reviews with
GEPA Bio Mascobado sugar-sticks
150g | 10.2025
(£20.73 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 4305

Article No. 4305
GEPA Mascobado unraffiniert 1000g Reviews with
GEPA Bio Mascobado brown Sugar 1000g
1kg | 01.2026
(£5.82 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 4304

Article No. 4304