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Mocambo capsules

Mocambo Nespresso® compatible capsules

Mocambo has rightly earned an incredibly large fan base in Germany. The Italian family Drago roasts in Germany according to old tradition their coffees. The Mocambo coffee roasting company was born in 1985, founded by Giuseppe Drago, who, driven by his inborn passion for coffee and with his family's help, began this fascinating adventure in a 20 square meter room, roasting and distributing the first kilos of coffee. Their mission roducing the best mixtures of espresso coffee spreading Italian culture all over the world and keeping a high profile with and providing excellent quality to their customers.
This is also achieved with their coffee capsules which answers perfectly to the needs of our modern customers, having a good coffee break with a solid and strong flavored cream in their office. Top price quality ratio. The Nespresso® capsules from Mocambo meet this philosophy perfectly. Give it a try with your next coffee order.

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