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Mauro coffee

Caffé Mauro Coffee products

Caffe-Mauro_LogoDemetrio Mauro founded his roasting company in November of 1949. Slow-roasted Mauro coffee. Great taste for people who can wait for the right moment. All Mauro products are the result of years of commitment and development which have provided this coffee brand with a well-respected position among the best coffee producers. The slow roasting process is part of the quality philosophy at Cafe Mauro. Mauro makes relaxation a culinary highlight. Read more ↓

→ Caffè Mauro, excellence since 1949
→ Coffee known worldwide for its gentle roasting
→ The Mauro range

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Mauro Caffè Pieno Reviews with
Mauro Espresso Pieno
1kg | Whole beans | 08.2025
(£14.01 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 11030

Degree of Roast: Dark Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Cloves, Malty, Fruity
Article No. 11030
Mauro Vending Espresso Forte Reviews with
Mauro Espresso Forte
1kg | Whole beans | 08.2026
(£13.22 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 11029

Degree of Roast: Light Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty
Article No. 11029
Mauro Caffe Espresso Centopercento Reviews with
Mauro Caffe Espresso Centopercento
1kg | Whole beans | 04.2026
(£18.02 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 1488

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Fruity
Article No. 1488
Mauro Espresso De Luxe Coffee Reviews with
Mauro Espresso De Luxe Coffee
1kg | Whole beans | 01.2026
(£17.55 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 1051

Degree of Roast: Dark Intensity: Balanced
Aroma(s) : Nutty, Floral
Article No. 1051
Mauro Premium Espresso Coffee Reviews with
Mauro Premium Espresso Coffee
1kg | Whole beans | 08.2025
(£16.92 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 1050

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Nutty, Fruity
Article No. 1050
Mauro Special Bar Reviews with
Mauro Special Bar
1kg | Whole beans | 11.2025
(£14.09 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 1801

Degree of Roast: Dark Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Malty
Article No. 1801
Mauro Vending Value Reviews with
Mauro Coffee Espresso Vending Value
1kg | Whole beans | 02.2026
(£11.72 / 1 kg)

5-7 Workdays Article No. 1052

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Malty
Article No. 1052


Caffè Mauro, excellence since 1949

Sicilian life-style and coffee culture truly comes alive with a cup of Mauro coffee. The distinctive and spirited espresso is not only popular all over Italy but is also enjoyed throughout the world. 

Thanks to Demetrio Mauro's passion, hard work, and far-sightedness, Calabria has been producing a refined coffee with colorful and spicy aromas for a long time now. For connoisseurs, this is Caffè Mauro.

The history of this coffee roasting plant can be traced back to Demetrio's early work experiences, which led him to sail as a cabin boy on ships and to the desire to pursue an independent career. After an initial independent experience with a travel agency based in Africa, in the then Italian colony, the famous coffee factory in the province of Reggio Calabria was born out of a desire to return home.

A small world destined to grow into a large commercial reality, Caffè Mauro has promised to keep alive the dictates that have always characterized its beverage.

With its slow roasting processes and a careful policy of selecting the finest coffee varieties, Caffè Mauro offers a wide and tasty range of blends, offered in beans or ground coffees.

Coffee from the sea

Demetrio's story began with the sea, and the Calabrian roasting plants are linked to the sea. It was the young entrepreneur's sailing experience that gave him the idea that would turn him into a successful businessman.

During his travels along the coasts of Africa, he got to know the peculiarities of the coffee bean. This gave him the idea of bringing these flavors and aromas to Italy.

Always far-sighted in his activities, Demetrio brought his coffee to the shelves of every grocery store in southern Italy, turning his enterprise into a cutting-edge economic miracle.

Today, his successors have remained anchored to the land from which everything began, but they always keep an eye on the future: Caffè Mauro is fighting for the development of 'greener' technologies and packaging in defence of the land to which they owe so much. 

Coffee known worldwide for its gentle roasting

Over the years, Caffè Mauro has extended its network of contacts. For some time now it has also become an established reality on the international scene, participating in numerous fairs and competitions among the most prestigious, such as HostMilano, international fair for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

The secret of its success lies in the eighteen-minute roasting process which, while producing higher production costs, allows for intense aromas and a strong, distinctive flavor, enhancing the qualities of coffee varieties from all over the world.

This is done using sophisticated computer technology, whereby a different 'roasting curve' is established for each coffee variety. This eliminates the risk of leveling out the taste and overcooking the beans. In particular, the slow roasting process gradually evaporates the water in green coffee without causing the harmful 'popcorn effect'. The sugars can caramelize without burning and the aromatic properties of the coffee, which depend on its essential oils, are not compromised but intensified. The result is an aromatic and full-bodied coffee with balanced taste properties.

Caffè Mauro imports coffee from El Salvador, Brazil, India, Ethiopia, and many other places, offering a wide selection of blends ranging from the sweetest to the strongest, based on the organic qualities of the land from which the coffee variety comes.

Caffè Mauro has always followed a specific production philosophy: to guarantee its customers coffee blends of the highest quality.

Thanks to this attention and dedication, Caffè Mauro is already present in more than 35 countries and wants to expand even further, to bring a cup of Italian espresso coffee to every corner of the world. 


The Mauro range

Caffè Mauro offers a wide range of coffee beans and ground coffees, to meet all kinds of consumer needs, from the most demanding and professional, who likes to grind coffee at the moment, to the most practical, who wants to enjoy a good coffee without getting lost in complicated preparations.

They range from the most delicate 100% Arabica to full-bodied blends with a higher percentage of Robusta, as well as more creamy and balanced creations in taste and texture.


Demetrio Mauro

Autor: Caffè Mauro