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These espresso brands are a real insider tip:

Sant Eustachio
Arabicaffe Supermiscela
Moka Efti Extra Bar
La Tazza D´Oro Gran Miscela

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Best espresso coffees to try - absolute insider tips 4 x 250g beans La Tazza d'oro Gran... more

Best espresso coffees to try - absolute insider tips

4 x 250g beans

La Tazza d'oro Gran Miscela 250g Bean

70 % Arabica I 30% Robusta With the Blend Gran Miscela, the traditional roaster La Tazza d'oro from Cagliari has succeeded, as the name suggests, in creating a great espresso blend. In the Sardinian capital, the La Tazza d'oro employees make sure that only the best green coffees find their way into the pure coffee warehouses. Based on the knowledge of decades of experience, the beans are mixed and slowly and gently refined according to the latest roasting processes.

The La Tazza d'oro Gran Miscela is an espresso coffee thanks to the proportion of the finest Arabica beans, which inspires the front part of the tongue with a fruity, finely balanced acidity and whose chocolaty note on the back part of the palate has a pleasant aftertaste for a long time to come. The Robusta beans make the coffee even more attractive when it comes to thick crema. These characteristics make Gran Miscela the perfect choice for the owner of an espresso bar and all those who pursue the same high standards at home. Excellent as a base for cappuccino and latte macchiato.

Origin of green coffees: Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil & India

Moka Efti Extra Bar, 250g bag bean

This espresso has its origin in the Berlin of the 20s. The Extra Bar blend with a good Robusta bean content can be described as an all-rounder. Composition: 70% Arabica beans I 30% Robusta beans Origin of the beans: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Tanzania, Guatemala Roasting degree: Medium roasting. As espresso very well balanced with beautiful crema and fine fruity acidity as well as well dosed aromas of dark chocolate. Just strong enough to drink in a cappuccino. Due to the medium roasting, this full-bodied but mild blend can also be enjoyed in a fully automatic machine as Schümli (Caffe Creme). It tolerates the longer processing time without becoming watery or bitter. On the contrary, you can expect a wonderfully long cup that tastes great right down to the last sip. The selected Arabica and Robusta beans are beautifully uniformly roasted and give a good overall picture.

Arabicaffe Espresso coffee Supermiscela 250g bean

Sicilian top espresso. Slowly roasted and perfect to the point. Each type of green coffee has its own roasting profile. Arabicaffe therefore roasts each variety individually and blends only after the roasting process. This exclusive and delicate creation combines a low caffeine content with fine but intense aromas and a wonderful fragrance. The Arabicaffe Supermiscela variety is also known as the "true Italian" espresso. This is how espresso is drunk in the south of Italy.

Sant Eustachio 250g tin bean

Cult coffee of the Sant Eustachio Bar in Rome. Exclusive to Espresso International. Since 1938, Sant Eustachio has preserved the roasting tradition for a perfect espresso. The highest maxim is the quality of the beans. Only 100% Arabica beans of the best varieties pass the high-quality barrier of the brothers Raimondo and Roberto Ricci. A visit to this small but fine bar in the heart of Rome is a must for every coffee connoisseur. The secret and worldwide already legendary blend Gran Caffe tastes simply incomparable. As in the past, the beans of the highest quality are roasted individually over wood fire. The following Ararbica varieties are used:

Brazilian coffee - Sul de Minas The beans are dried naturally in the sun. This preserves the taste characteristics. A very complex coffee with slight acidity and a full-bodied taste. Coffee of the island St. Helena - a true gourmet specialty, weekly only the best coffee cherries are picked. In this form the quality of the harvest is unique. These beans have a perfect balance between acidity and body. A great fragrant bouquet with floral-fruity hints. The medium body is reminiscent of chocolate and spices. Coffee from the Dominican Republic Warm ocean currents and constant air currents favour the quality of these beans from Guaigui. It captivates with its full-bodied flavour and cocoa aromas. Its low acidity and remarkable creaminess make it perfect for preparing espresso. Bourbon coffee from the Galapagos Islands Bourbon has been grown on the island for 140 years. Here the variety finds ideal climatic conditions to become a top coffee. Volcanic soils and a high mineral content promote this outstanding quality. In line with the natural paradise, the plants are cultivated organically. Coffee from Guatemala - Fair trade The population of Chajul consists of 92% natives. The "Asociacion Chajulense Va'l Vaq Quyol" (literally: a single voice) has been improving the living conditions of the Maya-Ixil since 1988. 80% of the income comes from coffee production. Sell today

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
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