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Maria Sole Caffè Espresso ESE Pods

Maria Sole Caffè Espresso ESE Pods
Nutty, Floral & Balanced

These ESE pads are not suitable for the Senseo and Lavazza systems!

50 Pods / Pads, each 7g = 350g pack

Individually wrapped with aroma protection and roasted over an olive tree wood fire.

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Maria Sole  Caffè Espresso - Premium ESE Pods 50 Premium ESE Pads 7g each The... more

Maria Sole Caffè Espresso - Premium ESE Pods

50 Premium ESE Pads 7g each

The classic Maria Sole Espresso impresses with wonderful properties such as low acidity, thick crema and a nutty-chocolatey taste. The ESE Pod variant also has the same great attributes. Only the best raw beans are suitable for Maria Sole. Roasting over a wood fire gives this espresso a very special taste that can hardly be described. Notes of roasted almonds unfold with every sip - simply delicious. A true premium product that is second to none.

Round in taste and slightly sparkling on the tongue. Sweetish, soft finish with a long aftertaste.

Rating:  Great Arabica-Robusta-Espresso blend. Mild and very pleasant espresso.

ATTENTION: These ESE pods are only suitable for portafilter machines and pod machines that work with the ESE system. NOT for Senseo or similar systems.

EAN: 4260680414511
Quantity of pods/capsules : 50
Blend ratio: 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta
Aroma(s) : Nutty, Floral
Type / Nature: Pods
Coffee maker / Machine : Pods Machine
Caffeine content: Low caffeine
Region / Country: South Italy
Degree of Roast: Dark
Intensity: Balanced
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