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Mauro Special Bar

| 1kg | Whole beans
Mauro Special Bar
Chocolaty, Malty & Strong

Mauro Special Bar, 1000g beans

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Coffee Mauro Special BAR Espresso beans, a bag with 1000 g Strong, angular with a good... more

Coffee Mauro Special BAR

Espresso beans, a bag with 1000 g

Strong, angular with a good portion of Robusta beans and the corresponding "Hello-I-AM-Awake" effect. Ideal for all lovers of a strong key espresso coffee. In cappuccino a force and as espresso better with sugar.

With Mauro coffee, you can always rely on the traditional slow roasting of the beans at low temperatures. Each bean variety is gently roasted for at least 15 minutes so that the special aroma of the blends can fully unfold. 

The slightly fruity and flowery taste is rounded off by a subtle chocolate note in the finish. The high Robusta content ensures a firm crema and also has a high caffeine content. The Mauro Special Bar is perfectly suited for preparation in a fully automatic machine or in a portafilter.
The Special Bar from Mauro consists of 20% finest Arabica beans and 80% aromatic Robusta beans. The coffee beans come from selected cultivation areas in Brazil, India, and Indonesia. The traditional and slow roasting at low temperatures allows the full and strong aroma of the different beans to unfold perfectly and guarantees an unmistakable taste.

Rating: Intense, strong, chocolaty

Suitable for
★★★★☆☆ good for coffee machines 
★★★★★★ perfect for Espresso 
★★★★★★ perfect for Cappuccino

EAN: 8002530916501
Blend ratio: 20% Arabica / 80% Robusta
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Malty
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Caffeine content: High Caffeine Content
Package Size: 1kg
Region / Country: South Italy
Degree of Roast: Dark
Intensity: Strong
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Caffè Mauro S.p.A., Zona Industriale, 89018 Villa San Giovanni (RC), Italy