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Tasting Set "Award-winning Duo"

| 2kg | Whole beans

Tasting Set

2 x 1000g whole coffee-beans

Awarded with three gold medals

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Tasting set "Award-winning Duo" 2 x 1000g whole espresso beans in bags  Try two of... more

Tasting set "Award-winning Duo"

2 x 1000g whole espresso beans in bags 

Try two of our top coffees in this tasting set, both of which have already been awarded three gold medals by the IIAC (International Institute of Coffee Tasters) for their unique quality and best taste. But not only the awards of these coffees underline the aromatic variety and the taste of these coffees, also consistently good reviews from our customers show how excellent these coffees really are.


Golden Brasil Coffee - Black

1000g whole espresso beans

Mixing ratio: 80% Arabica beans / 20% Robusta beans

With this blend, the Golden Brasil roastery has created a truly Italian espresso that is unmistakably full-bodied and classically intense. With raw coffeebeans from Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Colombia, Congo, Panama, Peru, Togo and Uganda, a broad bouquet of aromas and flavours is combined in this blend. Fruity, floral notes of jasmine and papaya can be tasted as well as dark chocolate and almond.

With every sip, you get a true explosion of aroma. The individual raw coffeebeans are, of course, traditionally roasted separately in a drum roaster at a medium roast level to their noble, full flavour. Compared to other espressi, the caffeine content of Golden Brasil Black is in rather low. This makes it ideal to enjoy at any time of the day and in all forms of coffee.

The Golden Brasil Black has been awarded a goldmedal three times by the IIAC (2017, 2020, 2021).


Alunni Caffè - Ricetta Luigina

1000g whole espresso beans

Mixing ratio: 80% Arabica beans I 20% Robusta beans

Alessia Alunni dedicated this blend to her mother Luigina.

Eight different raw coffees are combined for the Ricetta Luigina blend by Alunni Caffè. They all come from small coffee plantations in Brazil, Kenya, Nepal, Peru, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo. Robusta beans from India (India Kaapi Royale) and Cuba are added to this espresso for a dreamlike crema and the strong brown color.

This coffee tastes like a fresh coffee from an Italian espresso bar. The Luigina forms a perfect symbiosis with milk, because despite its strong, full-bodied character, it gently caresses the palate. Aromas of roasted nuts, bread and bakery can be tasted as well as fruits and flowers. On the finish, the Luigina is long and intense, but not too persistant, and is virtually acid-free.

This blend has also won three IIAC Gold Medals (2019, 2020, 2021).


Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 2kg
Degree of Roast: Medium
Certification: Gold Medal Reviews with

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