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Tasting Set Mondicaffè 4 x 1 Kg

| 4kg | Whole beans
Mondicaffè Probierset 4 x 1kg

Mondicaffè tasting set

discover a unique coffee pleasure

4 x 1000g whole beans


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Espresso Tasting Set - Mondicaffè 4 x 1000g 4 x 1000g whole espresso beans The Bocs - a... more

Espresso Tasting Set - Mondicaffè 4 x 1000g
4 x 1000g whole espresso beans

The Bocs - a dreamlike 100% Arabica espresso blend that is second to none.

Franco Mondi, son of the founder and roasting master of Mondicaffè, has put all his knowledge and many years of experience into this brand new blend.

Mondi sources the green coffee directly from small coffee plantations. Six top-class varieties are blended here in perfect harmony. Mondi obtains the green coffees for this directly from small coffee plantations all over the world. The result is a full-bodied, unbelievably creamy coffee that presents itself very harmoniously and with considerable richness. With this unique taste, we could not believe at first that it was a 100% Arabica espresso. So far, we only knew so much depth and balance from blends with a Robusta content.

Giubileo EM - 80% Arabica, 20% Robusta

This espresso coffee has been a favourite of a friend of ours, Toni Ardente (owner of the espresso bar La Favorita in Hamburg), for many years. He brought Mondicaffè to our attention and convinced us straight away.

All personally selected by Franco Mondi and sourced from small plantations, the Giubileo EM from Mondicaffè is an expressive blend of four single origins.

Mondicaffè EM Giubileo comes from these plantations:

Athiopia: Sidamo g. 2 | SA Bagersh PLC
Brazil: Fazenda Samanbaia | Campos dos Vertentes
Costa Rica: Turrialba | Finca Santa Rosa
India: Chickmagalur | Badra estate Parchment PB

Giubileo ES - 100% Arabica

Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia come together in one blend. The mondicaffè ES is a blend of five exquisite coffees from around the world, creating a creation with unique intensity and chocolaty aroma. A long, lingering body provides a nutty aftertaste.

From the master hand of roaster and namesake Franco Mondi, whose values are characterised by experience, quality and sustainability. With projects such as Umami or Amka, Mondicaffè supports the sustainable and fair cultivation of coffee as well as education, health and fair trade in the growing regions.

Full Body - 60% Arabica, 40% Robusta

The mondicaffè F.B. (Full Body) is a blend of coffees from four growing countries in the world. Brazil, Ethiopia, India and Costa Rica. All these countries are combined in the beans of mondicaffè F.B., creating a creation with full body and unique intensity.

Master roaster and son of the founder of Mondicaffè, Franco Mondi, places particular emphasis on experience, quality and sustainability in the production of his coffee. Mondicaffè supports and actively participates in projects such as Amka and Umami. This is to ensure education, health, fairness and sustainability in the various growing regions.

These Mondicaffès are awarded the CSC seal (Certified Specialty Coffee) for outstanding quality throughout the supply chain. From plantation to roasting, quality and excellence are constantly monitored.

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
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