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HARDY Espresso 3 for 1 Set

| 750g | Whole beans
HARDY Espresso Probierset - 3 x 250g Bohne

3 x 250g whole bean

HARDY Milano
HARDY Europa
HARDY Universo

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HARDY Milano whole beans, 250g can A compact, light brown creama clearly shows the strong... more

HARDY Milano

whole beans, 250g can

A compact, light brown creama clearly shows the strong presence of high quality Arabica beans. An aroma of cedar with notes of rosewood fills the nose. In the mouth, the blend of acidity and sweetness expresses itself in an elegant balance that ends with a delicate licorice-wood flavor. An excellent mix for connoisseurs.

Mixing ratio: 90% Arabica beans / 10% Robusta beans

HARDY Espresso Europe

whole beans, 250g can

A compact, dark brown crema captures the attention. The aroma is intense and fascinated by notes of roasted dried fruit and fresh wood. The taste is slightly floral with a full body reminiscent of essential oils. In the finish, notes of bitter chocolate, typical of a real espresso.

HARDY Espresso Universo

whole beans, 250g can

A dark, compact and full crema awaits you with this extreme espresso blend. Fragrances of fermented tobacco and leather to a touch of spices fill the nose. In the mouth you can feel the masculinity of this mixture, which takes the palate but at the same time conveys a full and pleasant balance.

Rounded off by the taste of fresh nuts and balsamic herbs creates a flavor explosion of the extra class.

100% Robusta beans

Hardy Srl
Via Mario Idiomo 1/41
20090 Assago

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 750g
Region / Country: Northern Italy Reviews with

HARDY SRL, Via Filippo Turati, 38, 20121 Milano, Italy