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Best stovetop espresso maker - MOKA

For a perfect mocha coffee

Here are some small instructions for an espresso from the Caffettiera

Water: Fill the lower chamber of the cooker with cold water up to the height of the valve (do not overfill!).

Coffee: Fill the filter completely with ground coffee, but do not press or create a hill. (Of course, freshly ground coffee is best.)

Grinding degree: For a good Moka coffee from the Caffettiera the combination of coffee type and correct grinding degree is decisive. Either you have your own grinder, with which you can grind the coffee beans coarsely, or you choose ground espresso in the MOKA grinder.

  • Heat level: Keep the heat on a low flame.
  • Remove the coffee maker from the plate as soon as the coffee rises and bubbles. (This is important in order to extract only the good ingredients of the coffee grounds.)
  • As soon as you hear a gurgling noise, the brewing process is completed.
  • Stir the coffee again before pouring it into the cups.

Cleaning the espresso maker: Rinse the pot with hot water and allow it to dry thoroughly before screwing it back together again. It's not true that a patina of dirt improves the coffee. Unfortunately, this rumor is still alive.

It is true that you should clean the mocha pot with mild and perfume-free detergents.

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