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Coffee in Spain

Espresso preparation in Spain:


Cafe solo

Similar to the simple Italian espresso (from Spanish: alone).

Cafe cortado

In this Spanish variant ("cortado" by span.: shortened, sheared) the espresso is also drunk with a little milk, but with more than the "Espresso macchiato". It is usually served in glasses with a capacity of about 60 ml and with foamed milk. However, there are innumerable local variations in which, for example, other vessels such as small cups are used. A cortado with sweet condensed milk is then called a cafe bombon. The lowest layer is then the sweetened condensed milk, then comes the espresso. The third layer consists of hot milk. Another layer of milk foam forms the final layer. You can than crown the whole thing with cinnamon?

Cafe con leche

More milk than at Café cortado (con leche - span.: with milk).

Carajillo - Spanish Variations Cafe solo

In Spain it used to be a tradition among workers to drink an espresso with anise liqueur in the morning before work. Like the Cortado, this coffee called "Carajillo" was not drunk from cups, but from small glasses. Are you looking for these glasses? Here you will find a nice selection.