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Coffee machines

Fully automatic coffee machines

Fully automatic coffee machines are a particularly convenient option for preparing really good espresso and other Italian coffee specialities at home or in the office. The effort is minimal, there are no beans to grind, no sieve holders to fill and no heavy levers to operate. Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Espresso Lungo, Doppio and much more can be brewed by a good fully automatic machine at the push of a button! Here you can find a short overview.

What is a fully automatic coffee machine?

As the name suggests, a fully automatic coffee machine is a fully automatic coffee machine. Of course, the machines differ depending on the model and manufacturer, but most models have now arrived at the same stand.

A reasonably reasonable fully automatic coffee machine, which is available today from around 300 euros, has several advantages over a sieve carrier, filter or capsule machine. Equipped with a water tank and a small supply of coffee beans, the machine grinds the beans independently, adjusts the amount of coffee powder and water and brews an espresso. From another tank some milk is drawn in (some machines even have a cooled milk tank to keep the milk fresh) and foamed. This allows fully automatic coffee makers to prepare a variety of different specialities at the touch of a button. Almost all fully automatic coffee makers today have a good selection of preparation methods that appeal to every coffee drinker. In many cases, however, the expensive fully automatic machine is also simply used to brew an Americano, i.e. a long cup. That's perfectly all right. But then you should take care to choose the right beans for this kind of drink. Here you will find coffees especially for the fully automatic coffee machine.

Which machine is chosen depends on the budget, how many drinks are to be prepared daily and how important quality is.

There are important differences especially in these components:

Water tank

The water tank is indispensable in every fully automatic machine. For private households, tanks holding two to four cups are usually sufficient, for offices the tank can be larger. Depending on the model, the tank can be removed and filled or is permanently installed. Larger machines from the catering sector have a fixed water connection.

Coffee bean reservoir

As with the water tank, the size is important here. Of course you have to consider the amount of drinks you prepare per day. But the main reason for this is that coffee beans lose their aroma when exposed to the air. This is why coffee beans are packed airtight and in a protective atmosphere. Once the package has been opened, the beans should either be consumed quickly or stowed airtight as soon as possible. Coffee beans should not be kept in the reservoir for weeks. An excessively large reservoir may seem practical at first, but makes no sense for small households.


For a good espresso, espresso beans must first be ground. A good grinder is therefore essential for an optimal result. Whether steel, ceramic, conical or disc-shaped, they all grind. However, it is a great advantage to pay attention to a minimum of quality. It is also important that the grinding degree of the grinding mechanism is adjustable. This is the only way to grind different types of espresso beans perfectly. Depending on size and roasting, the degree of grinding can vary considerably.

Cleaning is a Must!

With modern machines, cleaning is also relatively uncomplicated. The water tank must be cleaned by hand to prevent algae from forming. The container for the coffee grounds should also be wiped regularly in the dishwasher or by hand. All pipes that are normally exposed to the risk of calcification are cleaned by the machine at the push of a button using a special cleaning or care program. Lime filters must of course be replaced regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. This is because calcification is the biggest enemy of any coffee machine. Even if the handling of the coffee preparation with the fully automatic machine is child's play, one should not underestimate how many instructions such a machine can give to a person. If you postpone the annoying cleaning rituals for too long, the cheeky machine will gladly acknowledge this with a total strike.


What even a fully automatic coffee machine cannot do yet

All fully automatic coffee machines, whether for private use or the office, need a little attention from their owner in order to brew really good coffee. Depending on the model, a relatively large number of settings can be made. From the degree of grinding, amount of coffee powder, amount of water to temperature and pressure, almost everything is now adjustable. Although the fully automatic machines are pre-programmed, those who want to get the best out of their coffee and are keen to experiment can also achieve very good results with a fully automatic machine.

Which grinding degree makes sense for which beans and which machine can only be decided by man. The settings of the machine should therefore be adjusted slightly depending on the coffee used, in order to achieve a good espresso result. Although many machines today produce espresso that satisfies even the most discerning of demands,....

The true espresso lover will always swear by his sieve carrier machine. The brewing group is made of metal, which conducts the heat better and keeps it uniform. The great pressure exerted during extraction creates a crema that cannot be produced with the fully automatic coffee maker in terms of quality. Even milk foamed by hand with the steam lance (often with a separate boiler system) exceeds the consistency and creaminess of the milk from the fully automatic coffee maker. Provided, of course, that you have practised this accordingly.

Nevertheless, fully automatic coffee makers are a good investment especially for people who have more fun drinking coffee than preparing it.