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Di Giampaolo Caffè Set

| 4kg | Whole beans
Di Giampaolo Caffè Set

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Try the 4 premium blends of Di Giampaolo Caffè

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Tasting set Espresso Di Giampaolo Caffè 4 x 1000g beans Try the variety of the premium... more

Tasting set Espresso Di Giampaolo Caffè

4 x 1000g beans

Try the variety of the premium roaster Di Giampaolo Caffè.


Di Giampaolo Caffè Shamal Espresso - Espresso Italiano

Blending ratio: 100% Arabica beans

The Espresso Shamal is naturally roasted in a gentle drum roasting process. Each variety is individually refined according to its own roasting profile. The Espresso Shamal is roasted medium to dark. Thus, the acids contained are very mild for a pure Arabica espresso, which gives the remaining flavors more room to develop.

If you want a multi-faceted espresso in your cup, Shamal is the perfect choice. Because with the different Arabica varieties, the intense fruity notes come together excellently with a range of nutty aromas.

In the cup, the Shamal shines in a beautiful hazelnut brown. Slightly floral and fruity notes flow from the cup. This fruit potpourri is rounded out by dark chocolate and caramel flavors. Thick and creamy, the Espresso Shamal flows over the tongue and provides an explosion of flavor on the palate.


Di Giampaolo Caffè Maestrale Espresso - Espresso Italiano

Blending ratio: 80% Arabica beans/ 20% Robusta beans

For the Espresso Maestrale, Di Giampaolo Caffè uses only the best and most demanding roasting masters. Only perfect craftsmanship can create such a unique blend. Fruity notes of pineapple and citrus characterize this espresso.

Sensory analysis reveals an exceptional freshness given by the balanced fruit notes. The medium strength drum roast and the contained Ugandan robusta beans give the Maestrale a beautiful crema. It is best enjoyed straight as an espresso or with hot milk foam as a cappuccino.


Di Giampaolo Caffè Libeccio Espresso

Blend ratio: 70% Arabica beans/ 30% Robusta beans

Di Giampaolo's Libeccio blend captivates with an extremely strong aroma of nuts and dried fruits. Notes of hazelnut, honey and soft caramel are noticeable on the tongue. The balance of strong and sweet is what makes Libeccio so distinctive. You drink a cup of this liquid gold and want to enjoy another one right away. The relatively low caffeine content is very beneficial.

The Robusta content of 30% provides the necessary spice and gives the Libeccio a great crema. In this case, a try would not only be worthwhile, it is in our opinion a must. A clear recommendation!


Di Giampaolo Caffè Scirocco Espresso

Blend ratio: 60% Arabica beans/ 40% Robusta beans

The Scirocco blend is all about balance. A light, pleasant fruity note, as well as a spicy bitterness are present in this blend. However, in a very balanced, tasty way, as these characteristics are barely perceptible and complement each other perfectly.

The Scirocco has a very intense aroma with notes of fresh pastry, cake cookies and toasted toast. Hints of nuts, such as hazelnuts and almonds are also noticeable on the finish. Extremely delicate and full-bodied, this excellent blend presents itself in the cup. This result of true roasting art tastes best when refined with a little hot milk foam. But also on its own as an espresso, the Scirocco is a delight. The proportionate Robusta beans also provide an excellent crema.

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Automatic machine
Package Size: 4kg
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