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Elbgold Espresso Nine Bar Bean

| 250g | Whole beans
Elbgold Espresso Neunbar 250g ganze Bohne
Floral, Fruity & Mild

250g Espresso coffee, whole bean

Strong, intense aroma, excellent crema. Walnut and chocolate notes make this espresso the perfect barpresso.

- Direct trade -

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Espresso Blend from Direct Trade Cocoa | Marzipan | Walnut The Elbgold Espresso Neunbar... more

Espresso Blend from Direct Trade

Cocoa | Marzipan | Walnut

The Elbgold Espresso Neunbar tastes like a vacation in Italy. The pure Arabica blend with beans from Brazil and India ensures a robust body and an extremely thick crema. The bold and intense aroma combined with an excellent crema makes the Elbgold Espresso Neunbar the perfect bar espresso. The beans from Brazil provide a sweetness reminiscent of dark chocolate, while the beans from India give it a spicy, edgy character with a slightly smoky flavor and hints of walnut. The Neunbar is very low in acidity. Roasted in Schanze Hamburg. But just like an espresso in Italy.

Suitable for: Fully Automatic, Portafilter, and Espresso Maker

Taste: Complex, chocolaty, walnut, and nutmeg

ESPRESSO - BLEND - DIRECT TRADE Blend: Brazil (60%) / India (40%) Producer: José Francisco Pereira / Pavan Nanjappa Region: Sul de Minas / Coorg Altitude: 700m - 1350m / 750m - 1100m Harvest Time: May - September / October - February Variety: Yellow Bourbon / SLN6

Full City Roast

Honduras | El Puente | Red Catuai Marysabel Caballero & Moises Herrera

Nicaragua | Los Placeres | Red Bourbon Family Mierisch

Brazil | Monte Alegre | Yellow Bourbon José Francisco Pereira

Here's what Elbgold says about the NEUNBAR:

This espresso tastes like a vacation in Italy. This is mainly due to the "Full City Roast", because the darker roast gives this espresso its strong body and spicy flavor. With Full City Roasts, dark, heavy aromas, low acidity, and a full body take center stage. Currently, we only roast the Espresso Neunbar in this roast level. The roasting process is stopped when transitioning to the Second Crack, when individual beans start to crack. A very full-bodied mouthfeel and an aftertaste like dark chocolate are typical here. Roast flavors are clearly perceptible, and the taste is very classic. At the same time, the coffee loses acidity due to the long roasting time and is therefore very suitable for all espresso machines, but also for fully automatic machines, as it tastes pure, as Café Crème, but also with a lot of milk, just as you would expect from an espresso.

For our bar espresso, we blended three great coffees with over 85 SCA points from our friends in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Brazil. Since 2016, since Marysabel and Moises won the Cup of Excellence in Honduras, we have been getting directly from their award-winning farm "El Puente" two containers of green coffee annually. We have been working with the Mierisch family in Nicaragua for much longer. The naturally processed Red Bourbon from the "Los Placeres" farm in Nicaragua gives this blend its spicy nutty notes, the washed Red Catuai from the El Puente farm adds chocolatey notes, and the Yellow Bourbon Pulped Natural from Brazil from "Monte Alegre" gives it its syrupy, vanilla sweetness. Together, they create a chocolaty, full-bodied espresso with a beautiful, dense crema, suitable for every preparation method - hand-roasted in Hamburg but just like in Northern Italy.

Blend ratio: 100% Arabica
Aroma(s) : Floral, Fruity
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Caffeine content: Low caffeine
Package Size: 250g
Region / Country: Germany
Degree of Roast: Light
Intensity: Mild
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Elbgold Kaffeerösterei GmbH, Lagerstraße 34C, 20357 Hamburg, Germany