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Tasting Set Golden Duo

| 2kg | Whole beans
Preisgekröntes Duo

Two gold-awarded espresso coffees

La Genovese Oro & Arditi Coffee Espresso Arabica

The best of the coffee world

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Tasting set Golden Duo 2 x 1000g whole espresso beans Discover two of our finest espresso... more

Tasting set Golden Duo

2 x 1000g whole espresso beans

Discover two of our finest espresso coffees in this set, which have already been awarded at least one gold medal by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC) for their excellent taste and best quality.
A 100% Arabica blend from the heart of Rome - and a classic, chocolaty 80/20 blend from the Ligurian Riviera.
You too will be amazed by these coffees!

Caffè La Genovese Oro

Blend ratio: 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta

A classic Italian espresso coffee from picturesque Albenga on the Ligurian coast. With the first sip of this coffee, you are immediately brought to the small town right on the Mediterranean Sea - turquoise water and a light sea breeze that carries the scent of the freshly roasted La Genovese coffee through the streets.

The beans of the La Genovese Oro are gently, separately and moderately roasted, resulting in a full-bodied and particularly low-acid espresso with a fine, almost creamy crema. A scent of chocolate escapes from the cup and presents itself on the palate with fine nuances of freshly baked bread and hazelnuts.

The La Genovese Oro succeeds both in the portafilter and in the fully automatic machine and has a low caffeine content of only 1.10% to 1.30%. So it can also be enjoyed ideally in the evening.
Very low in acid and without bitter substances - simply first class!

This coffee was awarded the IIAC Gold Medal for outstanding taste and quality in 2016 and is also certified as Espresso Italiano by INEI (Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano).

Arditi Caffè Espresso Arabica

Blend ratio: 100% Arabica

A 100% Arabica espresso coffee that is more harmonious and intense than almost any other. The master roasters at Arditi Caffè use the best green coffees from Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Brasil Santos to create this irresistible blend.

The even bean mix is also reflected in the taste. A balanced and harmonious mouthfeel completes the sweet, fruity, intense and at the same time nuanced taste. A wonderful, long-lasting and full-bodied aftertaste completes this Italian espresso experience.

For its outstanding taste, the Arditi Espresso Arabica has already been awarded the gold medal by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC) three times, as well as the silver medal by the Olymp Awards.

Blend ratio: 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 2kg
Certification: Gold Medal
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