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Karlsbad coffee maker

Karlsbader pot/Bayreuth coffee machine

Today, filter coffee machines are ubiquitous. They are mainly made of metal and plastic. If you want to prepare your filter coffee as gently as possible, you can use the "Karlsbader Kanne", also known as the Seihkanne, made of tasteless porcelain. The technique, which originated in France, was first used there in 1795 and is now very popular again.


Preparation in the Karlsbader pot

The preparation of coffee in the Karlsbader pot is not so difficult if you take a few simple things into account. The Karlsbader pot consists of an upper container with a sieve in the bottom. The hot water is poured into the upper part and runs through the coffee and sieve into the lower container, from where it can be drunk or poured directly. For the Karlsbad pot, a filter coffee roasting should preferably be chosen. If the degree of grinding is adjustable at home, it is also recommended to use a rather coarse grinding degree, as many Karlsbad teapots and other strainer teapots, which are also available for tea, use a built-in sieve instead of a paper filter. The desired amount of coffee powder is filled into the upper part of the pot and moistened with a little hot water so that the coffee can "blossom". When first moistened, it swells a little and after half a minute the rest of the water can be poured evenly over the coffee grounds. How much ground coffee is used is ultimately a matter of taste, we recommend about eight grams of ground coffee per cup of coffee. Here you can find more information and pictures


The Bayreuth coffee machine

The popular Bayreuth coffee machine is a common form of the Karlsbad pot. It is manufactured in Bayreuth from white porcelain and has been convincing for more than 100 years with its particularly fine filter with double, glazed porcelain sieve. Its timeless design and absolutely tasteless porcelain make it increasingly popular. Coffee is not just espresso Contrary to widespread misconceptions, the Karlsbad pot is not an espresso maker. A real espresso must be stuffed and extracted in a sieve holder at a pressure of at least nine bars. At high pressure and short contact times between water and coffee grounds, very special aromas are extracted that make the espresso so special. In a Karlsbad pot, the water runs very slowly through the loose coffee and has much more time to extract aromas. The dark roasted espresso beans often release too many bitter substances and the coffee tastes bitter to burnt. For the Karlsbad pot we recommend a good filter coffee mixture instead of espresso beans!