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Lucaffe Espresso Classico

| 250g | Whole beans
Lucaffe Classico Espresso gemahlen
Chocolaty, Nutty & Balanced

whole espresso beans, tin of 250 g
Tasty and chocolatey, with great crema. That is how the Lucaffe Classic blend presents itself.

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Lucaffe Espresso Classico Espresso beans, tin of 250 g A nice Espresso with a fine, light... more

Lucaffe Espresso Classico

Espresso beans, tin of 250 g

A nice Espresso with a fine, light chocolatey aroma and long-lasting and full crema. Lucaffe is a small roasting company close the Lake Garda and is committed to traditional roasting methods. Drawing on their vast experience, Luca Venturelli and his employee manage to create typical Italian espresso blends with a full, harmonious flavours again and again.

Assessment: medium-strong, beautiful crema, medium caffeine content

EAN: 8021103790256
Blend ratio: 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Nutty
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Caffeine content: Low caffeine
Package Size: 250g
Region / Country: Northern Italy
Degree of Roast: Dark
Intensity: Balanced
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Lucaffè, Mamis Caffè - PROMOD S.A.S., Via L. Zuegg 70/A, 39012 Merano (BZ), Italy