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Weducer coffee grounds mug to-go - Kaffeeform

Weducer coffee grounds mug to-go - Kaffeeform

Mug to-go made from coffee grounds
A gesture for the protection of the environment
Volume: 300ml

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Weducer - Mug To-go - colour: "Cardamom" * The Berlin-based company Kaffeeform declares war on... more

Weducer - Mug To-go - colour: "Cardamom" *

The Berlin-based company Kaffeeform declares war on waste! With this revolutionary mug, you can enjoy your coffee in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way on your way to work, university or even at home.

Coffee may be Germany's favourite drink, but it also poses a big problem. Every year in Germany alone, around 3 billion disposable cups/glasses are thrown away after just one use. What a waste! But not with this sustainable Weducer cup from Kaffeeform!

For the company, this waste has also gone too far. That is why they have created an innovative and sustainable Mug-To-Go made from coffee grounds.

The mug to-go is made from resource-saving composite materials (wood fibres), with recycled beechwood waste and no petroleum-based polymers. Kaffeeform sources these resources directly from southern Germany, therefore not having to travel long distances or generate high pollution.

The Weduce is thus the ideal companion for today's environmentally conscious coffee lovers and guarantees the pleasure of coffee without remorse. The name "Weduce" is derived from the English words We reduce. It is a reference to a common and respectful use of resources. This Weduce cup is not only reusable, it also closes the recycling loop perfectly. Ecological responsibility is combined with future-oriented thinking, resulting in a highly innovative product. In this way, you can drink your coffee as usual on the go and demonstrate sustainability and environmental awareness.

This mug has a sober design and is also very light. It has a capacity of 300 ml and fits perfectly in the hand. A silicone ring in the lid allows the drink to flow only through the well-known opening at the top edge of the lid. This material has insulating properties, allowing the contents to stay warm longer. The mug is also suitable for dishwashers and has a long service life. Thanks to its purely vegetable raw materials, it is 100% recyclable. The circular surface on the front of the mug is also ideal for personalisation, with stickers for example.

For its innovative product idea, the Berlin-based company Kaffeeform won the "Product Design" award in the "New Materials" category at the prestigious Reddot Award in 2018!

*Each cup is unique and can vary in colour.

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