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Napoli Espresso Tasting Pack

| 3kg | Whole beans
Pro0berset Napoli Espresso 3 x 1000g

Three coffees from Naples
Dark roasts with lots of aroma
Cortese, Lollo & Borbone

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Napoli Tasting Pack 3 x 1000g whole beans  Discover 3 wonderful coffees from the... more

Napoli Tasting Pack

3 x 1000g whole beans 

Discover 3 wonderful coffees from the Neapolitan art of roasting.
With this tasting set you will receive the following coffees:

Caffè Cortese Espresso Napoletano 1000g

Espresso coffee, whole beans

This espresso from Caffè Cortese is a composition of exquisite Arabicas and Robustas. Gently but powerfully roasted, it gives the Napoletano a particularly full-bodied taste and intensity. Not to mention the crema - the high Robusta content makes it unbelievably rich and lasts a long time in the cup.

This coffee is ideal as the basis for a cappuccino. It promises notes of dark chocolate and even slightly woody hints can be tasted. Due to its extremely low acidity, Napoletano is also perfect as an espresso in the morning or for in-between.

A thoroughly excellent robust blend based on the Neapolitan model. Perfect for those who like it a little stronger.

! Caffè Cortese uses two small holes on the right-hand side instead of the valve as air outlet.

Lollo Caffe Nero Espresso

1000g Espresso coffee, whole bean

Mixing ratio: 20 % Arabica/ 80 % Robusta

The Nero by Caffè Lollo's name says it all. Due to the high proportion of Robusta beans (80%) you get a luxuriant crema, dense and hazelnut brown - just a real Neapolitan.

The typical southern Italian dark roast ensures little acidity and caffeine, but all the more body and taste. This makes Nero the perfect base for coffee-milk drinks.


Red mixture 1kg

Strong, determined, full-bodied and with a strong taste. For all those who like it strong. The full and pronounced body comes from its high Robusta content.

With thirty years of experience, Caffè Borbone's technical staff have the know-how to prepare the best coffee on the market for the fully automatic coffee maker and strainer. Caffè Borbone Red Blend is made for those who like a strong, thick coffee, a strong taste.
For those who want a proper energy boost and a "hello - wake up" through their coffee.
The robust and rich taste comes from the carefully developed and recommended dosage of the best coffee quality.

Roasting: medium
Percentage Robusta: 100%.
Contents: A blend of roasted coffee beans with a guaranteed minimum weight of 1000 grams.
Packaging: Protective atmosphere in three-layer aluminium foil.
Expiration date: 24 months from date of production

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 3kg
Region / Country: South Italy
Degree of Roast: Dark
Low acidity: Yes
Intensity: Strong Reviews with

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