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Tasting Set Espresso Low Acid

| 1kg | Whole beans
Tasting Set Espresso Low Acid

Low-acid espresso in a tasting set consisting of three varieties:

Mokaflor Dolce Forte

Quarta Caffè Famiglia

Nurri Caffe 100% Napoletano

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Tasting Set Espresso Low Acid Total 1000g espresso beans A properly prepared espresso is... more

Tasting Set Espresso Low Acid

Total 1000g espresso beans

A properly prepared espresso is something fine. Most people prefer a blend that scores with low acidity. But not all varieties are low in acid. Even extremely noble and expensive beans can have a high acid content. This is because they really bring out the sparkling, fruity-floral notes, and that is quite intentional. This gives filter coffee in particular a fullness of aroma and balance that tickles the palate.

Incidentally, whether a coffee is low in acidity depends much more on the type of roasting than on the type of coffee bean. During roasting, the acidity increases first, so that mildly roasted varieties have a higher acidity. However, if the roasting process takes longer, the coffee then loses acidity, up to 50% of the original content. In this way, the roaster can determine the level of acidity himself.

Conclusion: The roasting process is decisive for the acidity of the coffee bean.

The darker the beans are roasted, the less acid they contain.

For all coffee lovers who do not like pronounced acidity in the cup, we now have the ideal set.

It consists of three very low-acid espresso varieties. Dark, strong but not at all bitter.


Mokaflor Dolce Forte Espresso Coffee 250g

Blend: 100% Robusta beans

With the Dolce Forte, a very interesting blend has been created. Only the best Robusta beans find their way into this really well balanced blend. Beans from Zaire in the Congo provide the chocolaty taste, while washed beans from Cameroon are responsible for the strong, spicy aroma. At the same time, this variety is elegant and round, because beans from Parchment in India harmonise the character. Above all, however, you will experience an extremely low-acid espresso with this masterpiece. The 100% Robusta content promises an extremely thick and consistent crema that lasts a long time in the cup.

Enjoy the Mokaflor Dolce Forte as an espresso or in a cappuccino!

This strong blend in particular tolerates milk very well. Experts try it straight with sugar.


Quarta Caffè Espresso Famiglia 500g

Blend: 40% Arabica beans / 60% Robusta beans

Only carefully selected Arabica and Robusta coffees are used for the Famiglia. The beans are first roasted slowly and gently, variety by variety, at temperatures between 200 and 220 degrees before being combined into a balanced blend. The careful roasting ensures that the acids contained in the raw bean are almost completely eliminated. The oily, silky sheen on the beans proves this, as the coffee oil contained in the beans comes to the surface. With its 60% Robustas, the Famiglia is a very full-bodied espresso coffee, accompanied by notes of caramel and liquorice. In addition, the Robusta beans provide an excellent crema.

The Quarta Famiglia is ideally enjoyed pure as an espresso or as the basis for a latte!


Nurri Caffè 100% Napoletano Espresso 250g

Blend: 50% Arabica beans / 50% Robusta beans

Classic, elegant and full of spice. With this variety, Antonio Nurri created a Neapolitan espresso entirely in his own style.
On the palate, it shows strong aromas of dark chocolate and almond combined with the fine notes of wild berries. With the 100% Napoletano from Nurri, you get a low-acid espresso that is hard to beat in its balance.

Enjoy this espresso like a true Neapolitan - pure. Thanks to its strong taste, it can also be served in any latte variant!

A special feature of the Nurri Caffè bags is the integrated zip closure, which allows you to keep the beans fresh for even longer.

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Package Size: 1kg
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