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Quarta Caffè Decaffeinated Sereno

| 500g | Whole beans
Quarta Caffè Decaffeinated Sereno
Malty, Fruity & Strong

500g bag of decaffeinated coffee beans,
Delicious chocolate taste.

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SERENO Quarta Caffè - Decaffeinated 500g bag of whole beans Are you looking for a... more

SERENO Quarta Caffè - Decaffeinated

500g bag of whole beans

Are you looking for a decaffeinated coffee with lots of flavour? You've come to the right place with Sereno from Quarta Caffè! Although the beans are decaffeinated, you can still expect the incomparable taste of Quarta. The strong aroma typical of southern Italy is fully felt in the cup and lingers long on the taste buds. Notes of dark chocolate and delicate caramel can also be perceived when used in cappuccino. The green beans used for Decaffeinato Sereno are carefully selected and processed with a long, delicate roasting process in a rotary drum machine. In order not to alter the original taste, Quarta uses the best coffee decaffeination process. This makes Sereno perfect for anyone who wants to go caffeine-free without giving up the pleasure and full flavour of a traditional southern Italian espresso.

The decaffeination method used for Quarta Sereno is a natural process that uses ethyl acetate.
Ethyl acetate is an organic substance, so it is a natural solvent. Ethyl acetate is found in large quantities in fruit and is ideal because it is extremely effective against caffeine. The result of the decaffeination process is therefore of the highest quality.
Decaffeination is carried out on green coffee: the green beans are first steamed and then placed in extractors where they are decaffeinated using ethyl acetate. The subsequent steam treatment and final roasting remove all other residues.

As ethyl acetate is a volatile compound, there are no traces of it in either the green coffee or the finished roasted coffee. Regular laboratory analyses confirm the purity of this process and the low caffeine content, less than 0.1%.

EAN: 8004051000714
Blend ratio: 50% Arabica / 50% Robusta
Aroma(s) : Malty, Fruity
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Caffeine content: Caffeine-free
Package Size: 500g
Region / Country: South Italy
Degree of Roast: Dark
Intensity: Strong
Decaffeination processes: Solvent decaffeination
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Quarta Caffè S.p.a., Zona Industriale, 73100 Lecce, Italy